At TwoEighty3 Holdings, we look to make investments in strategic small businesses that we can grow while optimizing performance for the long term. Our current focus is in manufacturing as we believe American small manufacturing has great potential and upside, and can benefit from focused growth and improved competitiveness from our expertise. Inquires for potential sales are welcome. 

While we are open to reviewing all manufacturing businesses, our current focus areas include:

  • Machining intensive businesses in aerospace, medical, energy, or semiconductor industries including those with fabrication, assembly, or molding processes

  • Machine shops doing tooling/molds or offering general machining services

  • Automation systems design and integration firms

  • Additive manufacturing shops or businesses that could benefit from additive

We also offer advisory services through our Business Sale Rx program to help business owners in various industries improve their performance and valuation to best posture their business for a sale. We guarantee our work will result in an improved prep for sale, and the experience may even convince owners to keep the business. 

How can we help you?

business value improvement







Whether for our own due diligence or integration, or for our Business Sale Rx service, our network and experience allows us to draw on talent to perform needed work including financial, legal, engineering, continuous improvement, and operational services. We identify the needs and then fill with solutions accordingly in the most efficient manner. 

Contact us today to see how we can help or do business together.

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